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May 2014

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes it makes us focus on what’s really important.  Robert and I have not gone on rides for quite a while now because of multiple reasons.  He has gotten very heavily into work, and I have gotten very heavily into taking care of my mother.  I didn’t want to waste more time not writing a blog entry, but we wanted you all to know we are still around.

Since the last post, our lives have changed a lot.  Robert has been traveling to Brazil almost every summer, enrolled in college and really become a true professional in his job, while I have been working 12 hours a day and taken care of my elderly mother at my house whenever I am not at work.

Traveling and motorcycling went to the back burner and family/work became both of our priorities.  It was fun while it lasted but I am not saying it is all over.  Both Robert and I are waiting for that time when Goldie and Bearbait will reunite for adventure and fun.  Both of us are now taking our little boy and girl to work and hoping some day we will reunite, the four of us, for an adventure worth writing about.  In the meantime, Robert and I, living in separate cities, ride our iron companions to work like the mature adults we have to be for the moment. He, going to work and school, and taking care of a new house he recently acquired; and I, working incessantly and taking care of my aging mother who now lives with me.

Soon our occupations will give us some free time where we can get together and ride the long and winding roads of the Texas Hill Country, or the flat and straight narrow roads of the Coastal Bend near the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank you for your support.  This is not a good-bye, but an hasta pronto until we both can get together and tighten our helmet straps for yet another long weekend adventure on Bearbait and Goldie!

See you soon.


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