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Spring Warm-Up Ride

Spring Break is this week for our school district so I decided to come up to San Antonio to visit my mother, dust off Goldie (poor thing, it was covered in cobwebs, really), and get together with Robert to go on an initial semi-long ride for 2011.

The ride was a quick, three-hour-long mini adventure back to Wimberley to eat breakfast  (see 6-20-2010 post, read one paragraph before the last)  because a promise made is a promise kept.  This mini-ride served us really well to warm up for the summer.  As usual, We will be planning day-long trips for the summer, and I have a vacation planned out to West Texas for about five days on Golds to visit family there.

The trip started at Robert’s house at 6:40AM on Tuesday, March 15.  We headed out on IH-35 north towards New Braunfels and took Exit 191 to get on FM 306 Road.  We followed that nice, curvy, country road changing at road forks here and there until we arrived in Wimberley.  Even though south Texas boasts of  having a warm climate, Goldie’s thermometer recorded temperatures as low as 37F on several parts of the road before sunup!! Going on the motorcycles, Robert and I felt the low, freezing temperatures in our bones. All that cold weather turned to a beautiful crisp morning after we arrived in Wimberley, still as beautiful as I remembered.

After shaking and rubbing our hands, and jumping up and down to get our circulation going, we went into the toasty warmth of the restaurant to eat our breakfast.  After a warm and hearty breakfast plus coffee, we walked around the area taking pictures to remember the ride.

On the way back, we got lost taking the wrong direction twice.  Fortunately, Goldie’s GPS saved us from ending up in Oklahoma. However, the wonderful roads we went on while we were lost, and along the Guadalupe River, were a sight to see with all the winding curves along the edge of the river.  The scenery displayed beautiful flowering plants and trees in bloom. The colors were amazing!

The trip ended too soon to our chagrin, but it was surely a great start to this riding season seeing again all the roads that we had missed so much during the winter.  As far as I am concerned, this summer is going to be one hell of a ride

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