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What Dreams Are Made Of

You know how it goes. A dream you had is left behind in the back burner for years until it starts searing and you just have to pay attention to it. Thirty-four years ago, in 1975, when I was 16 years-old, I saw a motorcycle stopping next to my car at a traffic light that called my attention: its sleek lines, its powerful engine, its solid build were hard to dismiss. There was something about that beauty that tugged at my heart and made me feel small in my 1969 VW Beetle.

Discreetly, afraid that the man riding this iron beauty would notice me, I checked to see what type of motorcycle this might be. A Honda. A Honda? Hondas don’t look like this! Before I could take a second look, the light turned green and the man gunned the throttle making the Honda purr like a cat, or rather a lion, with a deep, yet, pleasant gurgle coming out of the mufflers. In an instant, he was gone.  It was love at first sight!

After a few weeks, my brother and I were riding our motorcycles, mine a 1965 250 Ya1965Yamahamaha Catalina (same kind  Batman rode on his famous 60’s TV show), and decided to stop by the Honda dealer to see what type of bike I had seen at the traffic light. When we walked in the dealership, we couldn’t believe our eyes! There it was, the very same machine I had seen some weeks before, blood red, shiny, black tires, and a 4-cylinder engine; except this time, I could touch it, I could sit on it, and I could relish it.  The emblem read “Goldwing,” and in the pamphlet I could see that it had a humongous 1,000cc engine. This may not seem like much nowadays, but in 1975, this was the first such engine I had laid eyes on. To my eyes, it was a mammoth of a powerhouse on such a small frame. 1975GWBack then, 750cc engines were even too much and too fast to own, but 1,000cc’s? It was out of the question. Right there and then, I vowed to my inner rider that one day I would own one. That dream stayed in my head for 35 years.


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  1. BearBaiton 24 Sep 2009 at 6:43 PM

    Very nice! I like it. I can’t wait to hear about your South Padre Island trip. :-)

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