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Nixon-Seguin, TX

The road trip we took today was a relaxing, non-stressful, Sunday-morning, take-it-easy ride.

A nice ride was overdue. Generally, we like to take twisty roads that try our expertise and control over the motorcycles. This time, however, the road was a long stretch of several highways that took us southeast of San Antonio. Used to going northwest into the Hill Country Region, today we took off facing the morning sun to travel the merging line between the South Texas Plains Region, and the Prairies and Lakes Region.

Our 180-mile bike trip would first take us down IH-37 South, then to US-181 S through Floresville, Poth, Falls City, Karnes City, and Kenedy (with one “n”). In Kenedy, we would go 72 East to TX-80 N on to Nixon. After Nixon, take a left to FM-1117 N to US-90 to Seguin and finally merge onto IH-10 W to get back to San Antonio.

This time I didn’t have any input as to where we were going to go. Beto made all the plans late last night while I was already asleep. Early morning we ate at Evita’s while he explained more or less what roads we would take. This route was all a surprise to me. I just followed the leader most of the way, enjoying the scenery, and letting myself be guided by the expert road Texan.

Road to Floresville, TX

Road to Floresville, TX

We hit the road at 8:15 AM. We both had already filled up on gas earlier, so no need to stop at the usual gas station for anything. We took IH-37 S, the road past downtown San Antonio, when I realized I didn’t have my GPS on. The Goldwing has a safety feature that does not allow the rider to play with the GPS controls while the bike is moving. You have to do all your planning with both feet on the ground and in neutral. So I had to wait once we were well south into 181 to stop, turn on the GPS, and take a couple of pictures of the vast stretch of pavement meeting with the sky in the horizon. Nothing but flat and straight, green trees and blue skies. I wondered if I was going to have as much fun as being on the twisted, up-hill-down-hill, narrow roads that I had gotten used to riding.

Once we were back on the road, I started feeling relaxed and rested. I was not tense and soon I realized the straight center line on the road was enticing me to lower my shoulders in restful bliss. The highway is two lanes per side, so we could pass others at our leisure, and others could pass us without cutting in front of us. I started to see the benefits of taking this early morning ride on Sunday, everything seemed green, the road was beautiful against the cotton-white cloudy sky, the horizon seemed to be beckoning us into riding farther and farther away.

Store in the middle of the road

Store in the middle of the road

Poth is a small town with nothing but a single traffic light. Our luck was such, that we got the red light while we were passing through the deserted streets, no other vehicles in sight. The rest of the little towns were storyless, as if time had just passed them by and nothing worth telling ever happened there; but it was OK, we were enjoying our ride, and were slowly de-stressing from the toils of the week, that all we cared about was shifting gears up or down so we could continue enjoying the sound of our motorcycle engines in the quiet echo of the countryside.

We arrived in Nixon, took some pictures at the entrance of the town, and went on to Seguin where we found a well-known logo, the TA Truck Stop, the famous truck stop where we had stayed overnight so many times in various states in the past. Also, Beto and I used to live about three blocks from one of these mammoth enterprises in Gallup, NM. None too soon we made our last stop in Seguin to eat lunch and reminisce with the memories we had of the TA in Gallup and others we had been to. These truck stops have showers, a TV lounge, washer-dryer machines, a restaurant that serves generous portions, a well-stocked store with trucker supplies, such as CB radios, clothing, TV’s and mini fridges for vehicles, model cars, and… wait! Can this be possible? In this particular stop there was a rack full of leather jackets, all my size, selling for $19.99 each. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Quickly I grabbed one, tried it on and it was a perfect fit. The label said $100.00, but when the girl rang it up, it came to $21.64. I felt like I was robbing a bank. The jacket will be great for the bike when cold weather arrives in a few months.

After my purchase, we had a trucker-size lunch special of all-you-can-eat of any and all of the items on the menu for next to nothing (Beto paid for it, — so thanks!). With full stomachs, and after remembering past trips where we would stop at these wonderful fairy-tale truck stops, we happily rode the last stretch back home, pleased that we had made a good choice riding the long and wide roads of Southeast Texas.

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  1. SoTxConservativeon 27 Jun 2010 at 5:01 PM

    So, I read your comments about Poth … what about Floresville? Ya just passed it by w/ no comment?

  2. Richardon 27 Jun 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Ah, we have been to Floresville many times and have friends there too, but it was our first time to Poth and the others. Floresville is a great place to visit and it is close to the amenities of the big city. Glad to have you on the blog. My name is Richard.

  3. BearBaiton 27 Jun 2010 at 5:25 PM

    I’m sorry to say it, but that’s pretty much what we did. Passed it without comment. Then again, we didn’t enjoy the inner beauties of the city. I’m sure Floresville will be in our future again.

  4. SoTxConservativeon 27 Jun 2010 at 6:39 PM

    Well, ya’ll come on back. We’re having a super July 4th weekend celebration with Latin Legends on July 2, Kevin Fowler on July 3, and entertainment Sunday afternoon, concluding with fireworks in the evening, followed by another dance. All this in the air conditioned comfort in Floresville’s new community convention center! Go here for details (click on banner ad!)

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