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A Dream Come True

Fast forward to August 2009.  After coming back from a three-week Canadian vacation to visit my brother and his family, and almost purchasing my nephew’s 2002 BMW K 1200 RS, I decided it was time to go big.  After soul searching for almost two weeks, not to mention 35 years, my friend Beto decided for me that  it was time to make my dream of owning a Honda Goldwing come true.

Even after the talk, I was not convinced it would be the right decision because of the state of my finances, but I humored him and started looking for a used Wing online, the newspaper, and word of mouth.

On August 8, Beto and I drove to the Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX, Joe Harrison, to “just look around.”  We walked in and the smell of tires combined with new leather and a touch of gasoline in the showroom was enough to get me going. There were motorcycles everywhere.  There was only enough room for two rows along the showroom.  I was attracted like a magnet to the Goldwings.  There were beautiful! And expensive! No way I could afford to buy one. I looked out the entrance door and I saw a lone, hefty, bright-red beauty.

Like floating on a cloud I made my way to it.  There she was! I felt the connection between us right away.  Andrew, the salesperson approached me cautiously and started bargaining with me. “Isn’t it pretty? It’s a 2008″ He said. “She sure is,” I replied almost unaware that he was next to me.  He pressed on. “It has an 1,800cc engine, GPS, premium audio system, weatherband, computerized adjustable rear suspension, cruise control, heated seat and handgrips, the trunk locks with the pressing of the clicker on the key, anti-lock brakes, reverse gear, and it comes ready for insallation of a CD player, CB and other ammenities.  He then rambled on about engine technical jargon that, even though I only understood half of it, I knew it was the Swiss clock of motorcycles.

2008-honda-gold-wing-4_460x0wBeto and I looked at it for a few more minutes, and I told him, “I don’t care how much it costs, I’m taking it.” Beto got a little alarmed at my decision, and while he didn’t try to talk me out of it, he pointed out that the price was exorbitant.  I figured monthly payments in my head, and voiced out to Andrew, “I’ll take it.”  I was going to make my 35-year-old dream come to life.


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