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Luckenbach, TX (Part 1)

Few places in Texas, or any part of the world for that matter, equate to Luckencbach’s charm and poise. A town that is not really a town, with a security guard that doesn’t really leave you feeling like he can save you from a meowing cat, and a sheriff that is too drunk to even lock up drunks in this town of a population of 3. But this hidden treasure really knows how to put up a show for bikers from all over the country. Luchenback is located in the Texas Hill Country, well hidden from the rest of the universe. This is how Beto and I found it:

Roll back to the previous day, Saturday, June 12, 2010. Beto and I went to eat breakfast to our third special place that we have been going to for 10-1/2 years now. This time it was not to go on a ride. Beto had volunteered to work for the Deaf Awareness Day events at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, in the outskirts of the city as an interpreter for the deaf. I was there only to ride with him to the amusement park later on and see him go in the doors. So there we were, at 6:00 AM and eating a warm breakfast at Taqueria Jalisco and making plans for the weekend.

We asked each other what wonderful and exciting ride we were going to go to on Sunday. Neither knew. All we knew was that rain or shine we were going to ride all day long that following day. We mentioned a few places we could go to, but we just didn’t agree on any of them. There was some place special that we both knew we had to go to, but the Good Lord was not about to let us know just yet.

After we arrived in Six Flags, Beto asked me if I could meet him there at 2:00 PM when his volunteer interpreting services were over. He had an extra ticket he said I could use, plus all his refreshments were also free so we could share. Considering that a regular day at Fiesta Texas costs a tourist an average of $200, I agreed. After deciding on a place to meet, I went on a lonely but satisfying ride by myself back home. In the afternoon I came back to meet Beto at the agreed-upon time and we both had a blast going to the great concerts and shows, drinking to our hearts’ content, and eating a hearty meal when we were hungry. We never got on a ride, but we ran into many friends, both deaf and hearing, that made our day a pleasant one.

When we left the park, we noticed a young man standing by Goldie Goldstein and Bear Bait. He was looking at Bear Bait with such gusto that we couldn’t help but smile at each other silently knowing that, once more, someone had chosen his bike over mine. We had a small chat with the ill-groomed lad confirming he had indeed chosen Bair Bait over the other five motorcycles, none of them Harleys, parked in the bike hole.

Back home that evening and after a short ride in the city, we started plotting our early morning Sunday ride. My body was already itching from expectation. Beto knows San Antonio and the Hill Country and all their roads like the back of his hand. Not being too shabby myself, I recommended a few places and curvy highways I had ridden before, but we both kept shutting the other one down. Not knowing what to do, we both went to bed leaving the decision for the next day.


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