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Riding to Rio Hondo, TX

While Robert picked up his motorcycle, I went home to prepare mine for the inaugural ride.  We were both excited.  Who would have known in the morning that we would be getting ready for a big-bike ride?

Once home, I looked at his bike, complimented him on it, and we decided to take a short ride to Rio Hondo, TX, about 10 miles NE of Harlingen. What a long ride it turned out to be.

We left my driveway and took Tyler St.  A couple of miles later it turned into TX-FM 106, the road that would take us to Rio Hondo, a tiny city in the Texas map of only 1900 people and 1.5 sq. mi.  Rio Hondo is very picturesque and has a dock and ramp for boats for fishing on a river by the city, the Arroyo Colorado.

The trip over was great. We went to the ramp, took some pictures and noticed it was about to rain so we decided to head on back home.  However, the clouds took on a spiral shape very quickly and a gut feeling told me not to go home just yet.  My premonitions were right.  We went to the nearest gas station to seek refuge as raindrops started to sprinkle on our helmet visors.  By the time we arrived at the gas station it was night and pouring rain.  Another biker on a Harley also pulled over and we made conversation with him.  After a couple of burritos and sodas, the rain was still coming down.  We realized it was not going to stop any time soon, so we took a deep breath, prayed to get home safely, and started to ride in the rain.

The way home took forever.  Robert was ahead of me because he was the less experienced of the two; besides, I had already experienced hard rain two weeks earlier and had a better idea of how to deal with it.  But Robert  was riding like a pro in the rain.  The motorcycle safety course he took was paying off at this moment. I followed at a distance praying that he would not put a scratch or a dent on his less-than-20-mile-brand-new Harley.  He would be devastated if that were the case.

After almost a half hour and 9 miles of being needled by the rain, we arrived in Harlingen and at the first gas station we saw we stopped to regather ourselves.  I made sure Robert was not frustrated because of the new bike and it getting wet in the rain and all those bad things that were happening.  To my surprise he was happy, pumped up, and enjoying the experience. This was the man who only five months before was deathly afraid of motorcycles.

We made it home, dried the bikes as best we could and took a shower.  That night, Robert said to me, “Wanna go to South Padre Island on the bikes tomorrow?” I smiled and nodded in agreement.



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