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The Birth Of A Monster

The following week, on Saturday, September 19, Robert was visiting me in the Valley.  He had the weekend off from obligations so he got in his truck and went to visit. We went out to eat breakfast and engaged in conversation on the topic of motorcycles.  He had been talking about trading in his 250 for a bigger engine.  He looked at other Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas, and he liked all of them.  He wanted to wait some time to finish paying for his current bike, and then try to get at least a 900 or bigger.  His golden dream had always been to own a Harley, so I asked him why not get one. He said he thought he couldn’t afford it and we left it at that.  On the way back home, I saw the Harley Davidson dealer in the distance and asked him to take the next exit so we could just go see them and perhaps quiet down his desire to own one.

We entered the dealership in San Benito, TX, Roadrunner, just a few miles from home.  Robert started looking longingly at the Harleys and I started regretting asking him to come in to see them.  It was obvious he was hurting for one and there he was, like a kid in a candy store, but no money to buy. There were at least 40 motorcycles and he must have sat on everyone of them.

HD Street BobOne of the salespersons, David, approached us and started trying to sell us a bike.  I noticed after a while that Robert kept his eyes on a beautiful black beauty in particular, a 2010 Dyna Street Bob, with a 1583cc engine, far bigger than his personal 250.  He started asking questions and David was the great professional salesman cornering and killing his prey. I started getting a little nervous remembering how Robert egged me to buy my Goldwing.  Now the roles were reversed, but I didn’t want to influence his decision one way or another. David pressed on, selling a dream, and selling it hard.  I took Robert aside and I told him it was a beautiful motorcycle but to think it over really well because he hadn’t even had his 250 for barely two months.  He was just as nervous as I was and even more, but his heart seem to be set. I could see it in his eyes, he was going to take the plunge. After a few minutes of gawking at the Street Bob, he blurted out the same words he heard me say roughly a month before, taking a long breath, he said, “I’ll take it.” Thus, starting yet another man-motorcycle relationship that should last a long time.  Off we went to Wal-Mart and the mall for him to purchase the appropriate attire to ride his new purchase home. On the inside I was really proud of Robert because we now both had comparable engines to roam the road without worrying I would leave him behind on long trips.


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