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Poteet and Jourdanton, TX.

The next day after my arrival in San Antonio, Robert and I went out on our first trip together as bikers.  At the time, Robert had a 250 Honda Rebel that looked like a keychain compared to the Wing.  He was very proud of it, and because of that, it made him feel like it was the biggest motorcycle ever built.

Early in the morning we put our riding gear on and took our motorcycles out of his garage.  We decided to take a short trip 40 miles south to Poteet and then on to Jourdanton, TX. The ride was pleasant and fun down IH-35 and south to TX Hwy-16.

While on the way there, I started thinking about Robert wanting a bigger motorcycle so I thought I would give him a little encouragement letting him ride Goldie for a while.  After we arrived in Poteet, we looked around and started heading on further south to Jourdanton, I stopped on the shoulder of the highway and asked him if he wanted to ride my bike.  His eyes bulged out and nervously he said he didn’t know whether he could handle it. I encouraged him (though I was really nervous about this, too), and finally he agreed.  I jumped on his little 250 behind him, and off we went.  He was a natural! I had read many times that the Goldwing is a very noble machine and easy to ride.  I proved it with myself, but Robert was in his motorcycle riding learning stages and he handled it like a pro.  After a couple of miles, I decided to stop worrying.  He was born to ride big bikes.

The trip ended in Jourdanton and we headed back home.  This time, I had an idea that Robert and I were going to have more fun on the road in the near future.  I could definitely see a big bike in his future.  He had tasted power, and he was hungry for it.



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